Sport Mission Statement

The Laguna Madre Youth Center encourages children to explore the world around them by exposing them  to various sports and activities throughout the year. As the calendar school year begins, the Center offers a     5 vs 5 Indoor Soccer Program. The LMYC encourages children from ages 5-12 to sign up; no previous experience playing the game of soccer is required. During the months of August and September we help our youth to learn to play on a team as well as helping them to create individual skills. 

As the fall season continues, The Center transitions from soccer and shifts focus to our Basketball Program. Due to the popularity of the sport around not just the country but the world, we see large amounts of the community eager to join and compete in the Basketball Program. The staff again teach the fundamental basics of basketball as well as once more endowing the kids with the knowledge needed to be successful when part of a team. Both sports programs are a great way for students to build lifelong friendships and connections that will help them develop crucial social skills that are vital for the world in which we live.

The LMYC also looks to our community members to take an active role in the development of the local youth by joining our Volunteer Program as team coaches. This not only helps the children recognize that their community wants to see them succeed, but also allows the community members to develop leadership skills such as communication and problem solving, which can be translated into real world situations. The Volunteer Coaching Program is a fun and unique way for adults to learn new ideas, as well as to give back to the community that they know and love.

The Laguna Madre Youth Center also offers opportunities for the youth to be able to learn new and exciting sports and activities that are separate from our Basketball and Soccer Programs. Throughout the calendar school year and into the summer, we offer such things as dodgeball, capture the flag, family freeze tag, and many other equally fun activities in our gymnasium.  The Center truly believes that teamwork and communication are two invaluable skills that will help our youth excel later in life. We also offer a Fitness Program through a grant received from the United Way of Southern Cameron County.  These activities help students to expand their minds, learn healthy lifestyle habits, and to explore new ways to compete and succeed in any challenge that may come their way. 

The Laguna Madre Youth Center hopes that you can join us for one, if not all, of our many exciting programs! If you have any questions please contact us at 956-943-6310. We would love to include you and your children in our upcoming programs. Can’t wait for you to join the fun!

2019 Soccer Playoffs