LMYC Library                                                                                                   

Laguna Madre Youth Center Library aims to inspire a love of reading, build community, and spark creativity.

Some learning opportunities include:
• Homework assistance
• Daily Reading – keeping a monthly reading log
• Library Skills – Dewey decimal system, how to use a dictionary, thesaurus and conduct research on a computer.


Laguna Madre Youth Center Library Services:

In addition to circulating materials, the following services are available to the LMYC member library card holder:

•Computers with internet access- time limits may be imposed to insure all LMYC library patrons have access. 

•Computers with Microsoft Office software



The Laguna Madre Youth Center Librarian uses different reading programs to encourage the students to use higher level thinking; and reinforces skills to improve literacy.


Reading Rocks! 2018 

The LMYC kids participated in the Reading Rocks! summer reading program. This program encourages children to read during their summer vacation, use the library and develop the habit of reading. The children participate in activities that promote learning, reading, and having fun in the summer. In an effort to prevent regression, the summer reading program provides literacy-rich activities to keep children motivated. The outcome is to develop lifelong readers. It also promotes working cooperatively and furthers the kids' sense of discovery. Laguna Madre Youth Center works closely with the Port Isabel Public Library where children can access free educational resources and enrichment activities.  By obtaining library cards at the Center, the children can take advantage of all of the offerings at the Port Isabel Public Library too.

Reading Program
The Online Reading Program is a robust Kindergarten to Grade 6 online learning program. This program improves literacy through fundamental skills reinforcement activities which include 266 learning units and over 3600 interactive learning activities which are designed to engage young learners and instill confidence through a quiz and success based teaching approach. Students can begin learning at any level and progress when they feel confident. Students gain the confidence and skills they need to be successful and motivated readers.


Whooo's Reading 

Whooo's Reading is a computer-based program that motivates higher-level thinking. This program get students thinking independently with open-ended quiz questions for every book. Students are motivated and engaged in high level questions that address key reading strategies. ​​


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