Arts and Crafts

   The arts and crafts room at Laguna Madre Youth Center is a place where we let kids express themselves by doing different activities such as painting, assembling things, decorating, designing and more. It is important to initially choose arts and crafts that are at the members' skill level. varying ages, and abilities. Completing the crafts successfully gives the kids a great sense of accomplishment and pride.

   Doing crafts with the members allows us to spend some quality time together and make important memories that will often last longer than the craft itself.
   The art and crafts projects for kids are simply done for the fun element, but the members are actually learning more than they realize, and developing in various ways.  This way they can learn basic skills and knowledge through the project, and yet don’t even realize that they are learning.

Canvas Painting 

 Canvas is an extremely durable plain-woven fabric used by artists as a painting surface, typically stretched across a wooden frame. Drawing, painting, and sculpting in art class helps develop visual skills. Painting with young children allows them to see much more than a simple picture. We can create enjoyable experiences and support development at the same time.  What masterpieces we create!

Recycling Art Projects

  We teach the members "The Importance of Recycling With Fun Craft Ideas." Recycled art projects for kids to create can be a great way to encourage them to reuse what they already have.


Water Color Painting

  Watercolor is a type of painting where paint is mixed with water.  Watercolor painting can be challenging at first, but becomes easy with practice, and is an inexpensive hobby to start.  All you need are paint, paper, water, and a brush. Whether you choose to use watercolor as your primary artistic medium or as a study for an oil or acrylic painting, the rewards of this somewhat unpredictable medium are great.


Making Jewelry with Beads 

  Members like to create beautiful bracelets, necklaces and more with beads.

We create exquisite jewelry. Members wear it with pride and a new confidence. Others will admire it and may want to buy it! We have great time making jewelry!